What if, an Infant, Child or Adult Falls Into the Pool Unexpectedly?

What if?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if…?

As parents, we give our children all that they need to become a person who can take care of themselves and become a productive individual.  We send our kids to school where they learn to read, write, grasp math concepts, social skills, physical fitness etc…   Along with these basic human skills we wonder what sports would best fit our children, how can we keep our kids healthy and safe?

As important as learning to read, write and communicate is, learning to swim is just as important if not more important!  At Swim With Gale, we believe that swim instruction is not just another activity, learning to swim is a life-long skill that you will always have and a skill that could inevitable save your life!  

Our swim lessons/instruction emphasize the safety aspects of being in and around the water.  We strive to teach our students the necessary skills they need to keep safe when in and around the water.  Our students learn how to be confident in that moment of “what if”!  Our students, no matter what their age, (infants, children, adults) all learn that “if they try, they can do this”.  We have infants, as young as 3 months old, learning to keep themselves safe if they ever fall into the water.  The children learn to swim, rest and swim some more without ever “needing” to get to the edge.  

Swim With Gale educates the students to think and respond to the thought process of: “I am wet, this is what I need to do, and do it”.  

Gale gets her students to automatically react to the task at hand!  The task being “what if”?  What if, I get pushed into the pool?  What if, I fall into the pool fully clothed?  What if, I fall off the float/noodle?  What if, I get pulled while swimming in the water?  What if, I am pushed deeper into the water?  What if, the camp pool is very crowded, and someone jumps on me?  What if….?   Am I ready to enjoy the pool at camp?  What if, I swim too far out into the pool and get tired?  What if, I go to the pool and see someone having a difficult time while in the water, am I a strong enough swimmer to help someone in need?   

Learning to swim is not enough, learning to hold your own in a water environment is everything!  If you never learn to do any other sport, it will not cost you your life.  If you never learn to swim, it could cost you your life!  

If you want your family to be stronger, safer, and happier in the water, get them swim lessons, so everyone can start enjoying the water’s benefits.  We are in Oak Park, California and are here to help you!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Strive to become a safer, stronger, and happier family of swimmers!

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