At Swim With Gale, we empower our students, and their families with the confidence that they can!  ​

​The first step is to improve confidence!  Students learn to lean out into the pool, swim towards the center then turn around to get back to either the wall, the steps, or roll over onto their backs to rest.

When working with the students, Gale goes at “their pace" with a slight push to move forward as she continues to build their confidence.  Once students have mastered this we progress into improving their swim strokes (freestyle and backstroke).  Then we begin instruction on the remaining swimming strokes (elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, flip turns, basic diving) and eventually get to the point of learning lifesaving skills.  This gives the students the knowledge of what to do if an accident happens and how to assist someone in need.  Each student is unique and our progressive “gentle” approach is focused on each individual’s needs, fears and abilities.  As one develops confidence in the water they will learn water safety. ​​​

Swimming Classes in Oak Park CA

We work with ages 3 months and up!

We can help beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. 

We offer private or group lessons, depending on the swimmer's needs and ability, basic water safety, and stroke improvement. 



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you can do it!

Water Safety

basic skills for new swimmers


Swimming is Fun

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