At Swim With Gale, we empower our students, and their families with the confidence that they can!  ​

​The first step is to improve confidence!  Students learn to lean out into the pool, swim towards the center then turn around to get back to either the wall, the steps, or roll over onto their backs to rest.

When working with the students, Gale goes at “their pace" with a slight push to move forward as she continues to build their confidence.  Once students have mastered this we progress into improving their swim strokes (freestyle and backstroke).  Then we begin instruction on the remaining swimming strokes (elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, flip turns, basic diving) and eventually get to the point of learning lifesaving skills.  This gives the students the knowledge of what to do if an accident happens and how to assist someone in need.  Each student is unique and our progressive “gentle” approach is focused on each individual’s needs, fears and abilities.  As one develops confidence in the water they will learn water safety. ​​​

Swimming Classes in Oak Park CA

We work with ages 3 months and up!

We can help beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. 

We offer private or group lessons, depending on the swimmer's needs and ability, basic water safety, and stroke improvement. 










If you try

you can do it!

Water Safety

basic skills for new swimmers


Swimming is Fun

for all ages


We can help

no matter your goals


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  •   Absolutely the best swimming instructor I have ever met!

    Gale is perfect with my 9 year old son.  He loved playing in pools but was afraid of the deep end.  We tried group lessons and he didn't learn much.  Paying for individual lessons was the way to go.  Gale is patient with my son but also pushes him to the next step and it is working!

    She has a great philosophy of teaching safety, confidence and the skill set needed.  Also to think "if I try it then I can do it."  This goes along with his jr. karate training (what if everyone tried 100 times to do something instead of giving up after a few tries).  Gale also answers all my sons questions, debunks theories he may have heard or made up on his own, and meets him where he is each lesson.

    The pool and surrounding space is very clean.  Also there is a bathroom available to use.  Plus the pool is salt water.  This is great for my son's skin because he deals with eczema breakouts, which get worse with chlorine pools.  I noticed his eczema actually improved and went away with more visits to her pool.

    Also, she is a great communicator and happy to discuss any concerns.

    She is great with little ones (I get to see some of the lessons ending before my son starts).  I've seen little ones go from scared to confident over the course of a few weeks.

    My 22 year old non-swimming daughter is taking lessons in the next session.  Long overdue!

    thumb Patricia D.

      Gale has changed my life... I spent 25 years of my life unable to swim and frightened to even walk around a pool. With Gale's patience and encouragement, my fears are gone. She always gave me the confidence and reassurance that I've needed. Gale teaches from her home in a warm salt water pool (which definitely helps get you in!). I recommend Gale to anyone of any age. Thank you Gale for all that you do!

    thumb Jasmine A.

      This is my daughter's second summer taking  swim lessons with Gale. She is 4 years old. Recently we went to a family reunion, and I watched amazed as my daughter swam with the older children who were ages 8-10, meanwhile the children in her age range 4-6, sat in the shallow end with floaties terrified to swim let alone go in the deep end. I realized Gale is not just teaching my daughter to swim but to have confidence in herself and respect the water. My son is 22months and is starting to swim too! Gale is a great teacher at any age and most importantly she will teach swimming safety which equals swimming confidence.

    thumb T V.
  •   Last summer I started training with Gale to do a triathlon. I have always been a competent swimmer, but never able to really go the distance. Gale improved my stroke enough that I was able to swim the distance without even feeling tired. Her methods were warm and encouraging. She always made me feel like I could do anything and adapted her methods to meet my needs.

    When my baby was born in March I made sure that Gale had a space in her schedule for us. My daughter is now 12 weeks old and already starting to flip over on her own. Gale's pool is warm and safe for my little one. She is gentle and encouraging and makes my baby girl feel safe. We will be coming to Gale for all of our swimming needs forever. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs swim lessons, whether a novice or experienced, Gale can help you be a better swimmer.

    thumb Amy F.

      Gale has been incredible in helping our almost 4 year old learn to swim. He started with her at 2.5 and we were immediately hooked. Her patience, knowledge, clear and concise instructions, respect and understanding of children is evident. We couldn't be happier (having taken baby/parent classes elsewhere and doing some serious research).

    thumb cara f.

      This our 3rd year coming to Gale for swim lessons.  My son loves to play in the sand pit before class and Gale has been magic. Both my kids are swimming thanks to her direction and expertise. Her heated pool is fabulous and she has tons of toys to motivate.  I really appreciate that she has taught me and my family water safety.

    I will keep coming to Gale for all my families swim needs.

    thumb Cindy G.