How Early Can A Child Learn To Swim?

How Early Can A Child Learn To Swim?

Premier Swimming Lessons for Babies 3 Months And Up

At Swim With Gale, we believe it is never too early to begin learning water safety skills, as well as basic swim skills, keeping one as safe in the water as possible.   We offer swim lessons for babies as young as three months old, they must be able to hold their own head up. If the smiles on the faces of our littlest swimmers are any indication, it means that they are thoroughly enjoying the experience.  We can assure you that your children will love the sense of adventure and excitement that comes with floating, splashing around and exploring the water. Also, for you as a parent, watching your baby discover the joys and fun of water is surely going to be an  experience worth cherishing.

Baby Swimming Lessons, Oak Park, Ca

When you enroll your babies in our swim lessons, we first start by teaching them how to be comfortable in a “pool” as opposed to the bath, which is much smaller.  The comfort of being in a larger body of water will allow them to become comfortable on the steps and then in the swimming pool. Tears and screams will soon turn into smiles and laughter as they discover how much fun being in the water can be.  In our swim classes, your babies will enjoy a friendly and engaging lesson with our experienced instructors. 

Enroll Your Little One for Our Baby Swim Classes in Oak Park, Ca

Our baby swim lessons are designed to build a foundation of safety and swimming skills, preparing them for the next level of swimming.  The lessons include basic kicking and pulling movements as well as teaching the babies basic safety skills like floating, changing directions as well as blowing bubbles.  We will also teach them how to get in and out of the water.

Why Swim With Gale?

At Swim With Gale, we know all about creating the perfect swimming lessons for your little munchkins.  All our lessons are designed to be both educational and fun. Years of offering swim lessons for babies have also helped us understand that the most important aspect of learning to swim is water safety.  Our instructors make sure that they teach the basic water safety skills so that your babies are safer in and around water. For more information, call us today at (818) 889-0865 or reach us by email at

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