About Gale

Swim With Gale is the West Valley and Conejo Valley’s leading school for swim safety. We instill confidence, empowering the students to believe that “If you try, you can do it.” We work with each individual at their current level of swimming and move forward; free of distractions or multiple instructors, moving at a gentle, yet progressive pace, which develops a life-long love of swimming! With the confidence to try, you can do it!


  • Becoming water safe increases water confidence
  • Water safety can be learned at any age
  • Individual lessons allow the instructor to meet the needs of each swimmer
  • Learning water safety early can save millions of lives
  • Learning to swim is a skill that you will have your whole life
  • Swimming can begin at 3 months or 30 years, you are never too old, or too young to learn


Gale has taught and coached beginning swimmers through advanced swimming and springboard diving.  She also taught at the high school and college levels, so rest assured, you’re in great hands with our team!  

 You can swim confidently when you’re in the pool with our team!

At Swim With Gale, we assist infants to adults, new swimmers to accomplished veterans, on everything from the most basic water survival skills and water comfort, to the more advanced techniques, power strokes and time shaving.

We work with students who fear the water no matter what your age.

The water is a unique modality and we teach every student to respect and appreciate its power while helping our students find their own strength while in it.  All of our students are important!  We welcome beginners as young as 3 months.  We make sure even our youngest students are proficient on the basics: getting in and out of the water quickly and safely; identifying water dangers, and water confidence.  You are never too old or too young to learn to swim! 

According to the CDC, Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury and death worldwide, and the highest rates are among children.  Overall, drowning death rates in the United States have declined in the last decade.  However, drowning is still the leading cause of injury resulting in death among children aged 1–4 years (May 2, 2016).

Swim With Gale has helped adults with severe aqua phobia to relax and enjoy being in and around water while increasing their confidence to swim.  The challenges of special needs individuals are always taken in stride, with care and understanding.

At Swim With Gale, we strive to maintain a Safe & Fun learning environment for our students.  Learning to swim gives you a life-long skill that will benefit you and your family’s lives forever.  Everyone should enjoy being in and around the water.  All of our activities are geared around the “fun” aspect.  

Swimming instruction is not enough ~ learning to survive and support yourself is everything.  

If you’ve been waiting to learn, or you want to get your child started right away, call us today!  Gale will get you on your way to becoming a safer and stronger swimmer.