“We are so grateful for you! Swimming was always my least favorite activity at camp - and it is her favorite.

The best part is her confidence and knowing she can do it.  She came home with a yellow wrist band at first and was totally cool with it - but then last week she came home one day and said she asked to retest again to show them she could do it!  And she did!!

Can’t wait to give Tatum the same strong foundation!  I have a feeling she’ll be a quick study...she already loves going under and jumping in!!!"

Lauren W.


“Last summer I started training with Gale to do a triathlon. I have always been a competent swimmer, but never able to really go the distance. Gale improved my stroke enough that I was able to swim the distance without even feeling tired. Her methods were warm and encouraging. She always made me feel like I could do anything and adapted her methods to meet my needs.

When my baby was born in March I made sure that Gale had a space in her schedule for us. My daughter is now 12 weeks old and already starting to flip over on her own. Gale's pool is warm and safe for my little one. She is gentle and encouraging and makes my baby girl feel safe. We will be coming to Gale for all of our swimming needs forever. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs swim lessons, whether a novice or experienced, Gale can help you be a better swimmer.”

Amy F.


“What a pleasure to watch my son! I am in love with you. Don't know if my wife told you, but the other weekend we were at the pool with 2 of Sammy's friends. They has floaties on and of course Sammy didn't. One of the kids was trying to get the edge and was pulling on Sammy to get over. I think she thought he had floaties and wouldn't go under. Sammy had the ability to keep going below and coming backup for air until I was able to separate them. He got a little scared but was safe. That's all because of you. Things could have turned out a lot worse if not for what you taught Sammy."

Jason K.


“I love this woman and this program. Gale's approach is very fun, loving, and disciplined. She taught my then 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter that "If you try, you can do it" and now they are both great swimmers. My son, at first, was scared of the water, having had numerous unsuccessful lessons with two other instructors. He was not only reluctant, but he is not the best listener. She was always very direct and patient, and made being in the water fun. I have honestly NEVER heard my son laugh as hard as when he was in the water with her. She kept him cracking up!! She also really knew how to intellectually reach and teach him.

Similarly, my daughter was very resistant to being in the water. She would scream "Mama!!!" for me to take her out of the water at the beginning. Miss Gale's approach was loving and calm and now my daughter is a great swimmer!!

Lastly, I decided to have Miss Gale teach me how to swim since I saw how much success she had with my kids. I had never learned how to swim properly and have always had a fear of the water. She had me swimming in only one month!!

Gale is the BEST.”

Jamie H.


“We started with Gale in mid May after EVERYONE we knew was currently attending her classes. My son is very scared of the pool and classes. She had him in the water and kicking away by the end of his first session. We are now half way through July and he is swimming. Kicking,blowing bubbles, using his arms, and most importantly gaining confidence in the water every week. I think Gale has a calling for this. I'm grateful to have found her and will be continuing through the summer and returning next. I also want to add my son actually runs to the door to go to swim class. ;)”

Ruthye K.


“Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy we are that Leighton is doing so well swimming with you!  When her mommy saw the videos from yesterday she cried tears of joy!  You are a very special person and a gifted teacher.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!”



“Gale has changed my life... I spent 25 years of my life unable to swim and frightened to even walk around a pool. With Gale's patience and encouragement, my fears are gone. She always gave me the confidence and reassurance that I've needed. Gale teaches from her home in a warm salt water pool (which definitely helps get you in!). I recommend Gale to anyone of any age. Thank you Gale for all that you do!”

Jasmine A.


“This our 3rd year coming to Gale for swim lessons.  My son loves to play in the sandpit before class and Gale has been magic. Both my kids are swimming thanks to her direction and expertise. Her heated pool is fabulous and she has tons of toys to motivate.  I really appreciate that she has taught me and my family water safety.

I will keep coming to Gale for all my families swim needs.”

Cindy G.