At Swim With Gale, we empower our students, and their families with the confidence that they can!

Gale stresses the safety aspects of being in and around the water, teaching you how to swim in a loving, caring and gentle environment. She is very patient and believes that swimming is a lifelong skill that can save your life. Learning to swim is simply not enough – you must be able to survive under any water conditions.

We teach students how to save their own life, and the lives of others, with just a few basic swim skills. Our technique is focused on each student’s unique needs, fears, and abilities.

Our goal is that if a child falls into a pool, they have the sense of calm to know what to do. They’ll learn, “I’m ok, just wet,” and know how to get to the side of the pool, and out. Students learn to lean out into the pool, swim towards the center then turn around to get back to either the wall, the steps, or roll over onto their back to rest. We then move onto more advanced techniques and stroke development.

We make sure even our youngest students are proficient on the basics: getting in and out of the water quickly and safely, identifying water dangers, and mastering water confidence.