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If You Try, You Can Do It!
We Meet Your Needs

We Teach All Levels, All Ages, No Matter What Your Swim Needs Are! 

Water Acclimation ~ Buoyancy ~ Core Strengthening ~ Cope With Sensory Issues ~ Overcome Fears
At Swim with Gale, our mission is to help you overcome whatever prevents you from enjoying the water.  We will teach you to use your own body to feel empowered and confident while in the pool, learning that swimming is relaxing and easy. 

If you have had a traumatic experience that is preventing you from jumping back in, please come see us.  Swim with Gale will help you overcome your fears.  

Gale stresses the safety aspects of being in and around the water, teaching you how to swim in a loving caring and gentle environment.  She is very patient and believes that swimming is a life long skill that can save your life.  Learning how to swim is simply not enough; you must be able to survive under any water conditions.

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